NewLife - 영어청년부
New Life is a community for College Students & Young Adults to develop and deepen their relationship with God in order to empower them to live out their fullest potential in faith as we represent Jesus Christ to those around us.

2013 is the first year of New Life ministry.
We launched in May and have been growing steadily since.
New Life has had several holiday-related activities such as outings and potlucks.
We have also attended a leadership conferences to equip its members.

In 2014, New Life plans to continue have fellowship activities for community building.
We will attend conferences that will equip our members and broaden their networking and skill-sets.
Some immediate activities we'll have will be iceskating and a Super Bowl gathering in January and February respectively.
Later in the year we plan to have our first retreat.

Volunteer/How you can support New Life
New Life is always looking to provide opportunities for service and leadership
You can support us by joining the various teams we have:
- Praise (leading worship)
- Hospitality (welcoming, food)
- Media (videos, pictures)

Worship and teaching
We meet on Sundays at 2pm (downstairs sanctuary)
We also have small group called "Life Group" on Thursdays at night. (Meeting locations vary weekly)

New Life Pastors
Pastor Dan Park
Worship Pastor Andy Lee

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